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Somerset mirissa blue is an ‘affordable luxury’, family-friendly hotel that celebrates its superb location. The resort is all about being outdoors: sunbathing on Mirissa’s best infinity view directly from the rooftop, joining an unutterable beauty of the Indian Ocean, lounging by one of mirissa’s best rooftop swimming pools, or dining at the most elegant and bewitching restaurant and bar.

The highlight of our design is our pool and our restaurant. Our rooftop Pool is an eye-catching, glittering blue-colored swimming pool, the color of the mirissa sunset, and shimmers with beautiful tiles. , The Blu Pool is most probably one of the first-ever rooftop pools in the Mirissa to sit directly on a famous mirissa beach, from which you get a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean.

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The design of our main restaurant, which is located directly on the famous turtle beach mirissa, was inspired by the oasis infinity concept- Our restaurant is a contemporary interpretation of the show cooking kitchen which guests can enjoy by seen it is food preparation on lively with various team nights with specialty traditional way of cooking.


Blue’s signature room design is minimalist, with an emphasis on natural light, top-quality materials, branded fittings, solid furniture, and lots of glass and timber. Floor-to-ceiling UV protection windows make the white rooms transparent, which extend onto balconies with glass and railings.


The Somerset Mirissa Blue is a ‘budget luxury’ hotel that welcomes families and boasts of its ideal setting. The resort is designed for enjoying the outdoors, whether that’s sitting by one of Mirissa’s best rooftop swimming pools or sunbathing atop the best infinity view in Mirissa while taking in the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.


Our design is centered around the pool and the restaurant. Our rooftop pool sparkles with exquisite tiles and is the color of a mirissa sunset, making it hard to miss. The Blu Pool is one of the first rooftop pools in Mirissa, and it boasts stunning views of the Indian Ocean and a prime location on a popular Mirissa beach.

Our main restaurant, which overlooks Mirissa’s renowned turtle beach, was designed with the oasis infinity concept in mind. We offer a modern take on the traditional concept of the show kitchen so that our diners can watch their meals being prepared as they watch their favorite shows.


Blue’s minimalist approach to interior design is characterized by an abundance of natural light, high-end materials, name-brand fixtures, sturdy furniture, and plenty of glass and wood. The white rooms are completely see-through because to the UV protection provided by the floor-to-ceiling windows that continue out onto balconies outfitted with glass and railings.


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The hotel’s perfect destination, Mirissa, offers a unique combination of luxurious escape and convenience of proximity to beaches, shopping & dining. Experience the ultimate excitement in surfing, snorkeling and also explore the laid-back town with the delicious smell of fresh fish. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or both, Somerset Mirissa hotel is your own piece of paradise, with very personal attention is sure to make your visit to south coast of Sri Lanka one worth remembering! Book directly to enjoy the best rates available online!

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Somerset Mirissa is the top hotel in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. It has 50 elegant rooms, an outdoor pool, a spa, and two restaurants. The hotel's location is perfect, within walking distance to the stunning Mirissa Beach. It's the ideal place for travelers seeking luxury amidst fantastic surroundings and excellent facilities.